Four years ago, my Where is the nike football jerseys two students came to me for wholesale real opportunity advice on the employment problem of College graduates. They are very smart young people, reading is very good grades, interests and hobbies are the same, for them to the Lord, there are many job opportunities to choose from. At that time, a friend of mine founded a small company, is also entrusted me to look for a suitable person to be the assistant, therefore I suggested two young people to try.

The two of them were to apply for the first visit, called a few meters, he called me after the interview, said to me in a disgusted tone: “your friend is too harsh, he was only willing to give $400 a month, I refused him. Now, I have to work in another company, a monthly salary of $600.”

Tang Ke, who later went to school, was paid $400, although he had more opportunities to make money, but he accepted the job. When he told me about the decision, I asked him, “do you think it’s too bad to have such a low salary?”

He said: “of course I want to earn more money, but I am very impressed with your friend, I think as long as they can learn some skills from him, the lower salary is also worth it. In the long run,top quality for cheap football jerseys it will be more promising for me to work there.”

That was four years ago. The first student at another company’s salary is the annual salary of $7200, now he can only earn $8750, while the original salary is only $400, Tang g, fixed salary is now $20000, plus bonuses.

Where is the difference between the two? A few meters have been blinded by the initial opportunity to make money, and Tang Ke can be based on what they can learn to consider their own work choices.

At the end of Ming Dynasty, the historian TanQian after 20 years of writing make painstaking efforts finally completed, Ming Dynasty Chronicles: “Guoque”. In the face of this part can be spread through the ages of the giant, but the joy of heart as can be imagined. However, he was not happy for a long time, an unexpected thing happened.

One night, a thief stole into his home, see the walls, nothing to steal, that locked in in the “original” Guoque bamboo box is valuable belongings, the whole bamboo box stole. Since then, these precious manuscripts unaccounted for.

20 years of painstaking efforts in the twinkling of an eye that come to nothing, for anyone, is a fatal blow. For over sixty years, each has begun gray TanQian, is a ruthless hit. But TanQian soon rise from pain, determined to write this book again.

TanQian continue to struggle in ten years, and a “Guoque” was born. The new writing “Guoque” 104 volumes, 500 words, content than the original jerseys football china for promotion that is more detailed and wonderful. TanQian therefore make history, immortal.

British historian Carlile also suffered a similar fate.

After years of hard work, Carlile finally completed the whole history of the French revolution. He will be a great book manuscript all entrusted to his most trusted friend Mir Mir, please advice, in order to further improve the manuscript.

After a few days, his pale and breathless running, reluctantly to Carlile what a sad news: “the French Revolution” in the papers, except for a few a few pages, he has been the family maid as waste paper, thrown into the fire burned ashes.

Carlile was so depressed in the face of a sudden blow. At the end of each chapter he finished, then the original notes, drafts torn to pieces. () he wrote “make painstaking efforts this history of the French Revolution”, did not leave any records can be retrieved.

However, Carlile still pick up. He said calmly: “it’s like when I take the notebook to the primary school teacher, the teacher said to me, ‘no! Boy, you must write better! “”

He bought a large stack of papers, began a writing make painstaking efforts. What we are reading now is the history of the French Revolution, which is the result of Carlile’s second writing.

Life philosophy:

All the effort is cast to waste the most desperate things, but, as long as you can start from scratch, there would be no life in despair.