These days, a number of friends to exchange and I write the experience Which is born with of the article. I started writing on the Internet from two months ago, the second article was on the micro-blog hot search, forwarding broken one hundred thousand, then they gradually writing some articles forwarded is very wide, a few bears jerseys for women lucky days ago an article in a public number has broken million hits. I’m pretty lucky. So many people came to ask me, what experience?I really can’t say anything. Speaking, that is, the content is king and very lucky these two words.

In fact, there has never been said. For example, others see I wrote a short period of two months, just to save twenty thousand attention, only I know, I wrote more than two months. I received the first book in 2006. Up to now, fully prepared to nearly ten years. These years, I received the book stack with bookcases. I went home, I tried to put the new book inside, has not found the plug.

However, I would like to book sealed in the corner of the bookshelf, I have bears jerseys for women been a writer is taboo to talk about yourself. If there are relatives and friends asked, I only said I wrote. In fact, I was very serious, but I do not want to mention this serious. Because I was afraid, afraid of being asked a pseudonym, the other that after shook my head, said never heard. Ten years, I have continued for several pseudonyms, hiding in the corner of the unknown, written No one shows any interest in writing.

That I am writing in the friends, the most frequently asked is: “you have bears jerseys for women been out of the book?” Sorry, No. I want to write novels, editor A said to me: “you’re not famous, so if you want to write, we can only let you for the famous author.” I pushed back.

Later in a magazine published a number of articles, edited B with me bears jerseys for women about a long. I want to think of every stem early in the morning, several drafts, finally toss out the detailed character design and outline to her, but she never told me. The matter has been put on hold.

I come up with a collection of their own short stories, a dozen articles to edit C, C said to me: “your fans are not enough, we have to carefully consider.” A consideration is half a year without any news. I ask her again after a long time, this was informed that she has been airing my manuscript, has not submitted.

One of my friends, who was known for his writing, became popular. One bears jerseys for women day, I suddenly remembered that before every day self in the circle of friends he seems to disappear. I wonder where in his head, and found what news are not only a light gray line, like the rest. I only know that he has shielded me, or delete friends.

Zaodaolengyu experience, it is difficult to make a statement in two words or three. But really, even if I always rebuffed, never wanted to stop.

In fact, I am a very pragmatic person, and even a little utilitarian. But bears jerseys for women on the text, but I with extraordinary patience. I dare not say ten years as one day, but these past years, even if I could know how to write all could not escape the fate of small transparent, even if I know I can take the time to do a more cost-effective thing, I never thought of giving up.

The most impressive high school, I rented in the vicinity of the school, academic pressure is heavy, naturally no one to support me to write something, so I secretly wrote. I didn’t have a laptop computer, with bestie borrow the computer, braved the winter cold, riding a bike to the nearby university study room, a person to write all day. I will have a sense of satisfaction when listening to the sound of the keyboard when it is struck.

I’ll record the story of my life at any time, even if it’s the bears jerseys for women last part of the story, and now look at those life records, there will be a kind of “Oh! I have also experienced such a thing, “the wonderful feeling.

In the long years of obscurity, I am a stupid love, always adhere to the present. If you say two months to save twenty thousand attention is lucky, and if the front stretched to ten years, perhaps not many people will envy me.

In Taiwan last year, I met a disabled. He opened a restaurant bears jerseys for women in the sparsely populated mountain, from the original do now fast, No one shows any interest in, many scholars are attracted to visit. The reporter of the carriage pike short in front of him and asked him how he made this legendary brand. He said such a sentence: to do the right, to do a long time on the right.

Everyone admired his luck, just open a restaurant not a few years of concern. Who knows, the initial stage, all things to him a disabled disabled Qinliqinwei, even the toilet are clean. He specially uses the mobile phone Pat to be cleaned by oneself to be smooth and bright new sits the device, projected onto the screen, in the sharing meeting, happy said: “the hard, but the heart is not bitter!” I have heard the nose pantothenic acid.

Also met a retired director, he said two sentences, so I was bears jerseys for women very impressed. He said: “like what, just put it down, play a lifetime, on the right.” He also said: “have patience and perseverance.” Whenever I think of this, my heart is always filled with a touch. His words, for every dream of the people, is a comfort, is also encouraging.