Girl with headset,Who says you nfl jerseys turned to ask me, mom all your favourite have no ideal, what do you think of me when a soldier? She is watching a TV show about the special forces on the computer. Of course, if you can be a special woman, I’m going to die. I went over and sat next to her.

Worship the hero complex gave, I read many of these novels, all the attractions that I can tell girls talking about domestic and foreign special forces, especially those mastering modern high-tech special forces, in addition to have extraordinary strength, have a first-class mind.

Mother and daughter you say a word, I am very excited to share a variety of special forces worship. I suddenly on the girl said, do you know to have this ability, which need to go through the training? I carefully collecting stories to describe those memories, from the physical and mental skills, knowledge, intelligence and other aspects, probably introduced to her.

Oh, my God, it’s not so easy. Girl laments, I forget it.

I know she’s talking about it. But I want her to be able to recognize that every state of reverence jerseys supply nfl center is a great effort.

Junior high school, girls more assertive, things are obviously likes and dislikes. Like a lot of little girls, there was a time when she was especially fascinated by all kinds of singers, especially the star, who could hear a sentence or two, and whose voice or song. Although not to Starchaser degree, but I still worried about her learning. Moreover, in my opinion, like this pop star, it is not the pursuit of quality performance. Every time she brought so I hit star, she was scornful.

For a time, her dad heard, privately told me that from the direction of view, the girl like at least is positive, not to mention her preferences, in addition to the popular music itself, also from the media of the star struggle inspirational publicity, direct view to forcibly influence she is not suitable for our values. Moreover, from the perspective of parents guide, this will only make more and more girls do not want to talk to parents. I think for a long time, really realize that in the context of today’s environment, children love star no longer normal, if I want to lead or influence her, must first fully affirmed the idea of her, and put his own understanding with her equal exchange, believe that she will make a more mature judgment.

Not long after, I found that girl favorite stars slowly concentrated in the singer songwriter on the background of knowledge,Wholesale jerseys nfl authentic such as graduated from Harvard Radcliffe liberal arts college at the University of Williams Lee Hom, with a score of 681 was admitted to the Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music Zhou Bichang, once the Fudan University student Shang Wenjie. She even said she wanted to be a musician.

Girls learned several years of piano, music foundation, writing as well. I told her, know how to use music to express, is to do a musician’s basic quality, but to become a good musician, the most important thing is that you want to express the original content and impress people. To do this, need to have unique insights and experience, which depends largely on the literary and historical accumulation in itself, even with sociology, philosophy, psychology and other aspects of knowledge background.

After two days, in addition to history, girl became interested in psychology. I bought her some entry-level books, not long, she put aside these she feel too simple, won the “game theory” of her father, also dug out from the bookcase in my college to buy “Carl Jung psychology”.

The bookmarks in these two books move very slowly. I thought about that. After all, is different from the story of reading books, to her age, not easily give up is very good. But I still want her to try to get to know more. On the one hand I told her that reading is dignified, if opened, it should not be left hand; hesitate to admit its short, “Carl Jung told her psychology” when I was at college, did not read, did not think she was in junior high school, he read so much. There are quite encouraging results, girl listened to me, to look down on.

However, from the beginning of the semester, girls more and more jerseys different nfl color entangled in the future life, and they do not have a clear direction of occupation and distress.

At first, she heard a girl speaking class, learning achievement has remained at the top, also has a talent for art from the primary school: Piano, dance, singing, now can write their own songs. School activities, she is always doing my host, class rank is what program sketch ah, ah ah chorus, video, creative, script, director and ultimately she. The girl from the first day to determine the goal of art school.

Some time ago, the classes are held quality demonstration class, sitting behind the boys girls demonstration is the solution of higher mathematics, that a university calculus problem in 6 ways, with the girl is “a cow”. The boy is a mathematical genius, see the “elementary number theory” from the second day, and the high school mathematics learning. He told the girl said, to be engaged in mathematical research in the future.