Runner up Le’Veon Bell jerseys officially missed the 2018 season.

The annual drama around Le’s Veon Bell and Pittsburgh Steelers finally came to an end.

As expected, Bell did not sign a $14.45 million label contract from Steelers before Tuesday’s deadline. According to the existing labor agreement, Baer has been unable to play again this season. The fate of him and Steelers probably ended there.

Kevin Colbert, the general manager of Steelers, issued a statement saying: “I hereby confirm that Levian Bell has not signed his privileged contract, so he can no longer play in the 2018 season.”

The steelmakers also have two options: let Bell enter the free market in March next year, or use transitional labels on him again. The transition label will allow Bell to negotiate contracts with other teams, and the steelmakers have the right to choose matches. If they don’t match, the steelmakers won’t get any compensation.

Baer personally believes that the possibility of using steel labels is relatively large.

After Baer was absent, runner James Connor (James Conner) stirred up the team’s main beam. He has enough catching power, and the ball is not worth it. At present, he pushes the ball 771 yards, reaches 10 times, and catches the ball for 387 yards. Steelers have won five consecutive victories.

Connor suffered a concussion during the battle against Panthers on Thursday. But Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys believe he can pass the brain concussion test before Sunday’s match against the Jaguars.