Tribute to the former teammates after the saints’ battle

Dez Bryant did not come to New Orleans for a long time, but the star takeover left his mark on the Saints’team. As you can see from the 10th round of the NFL regular season against the Cincinnati Bengals jerseys this week, Saint Runner Mark Ingram mimicked Dez’s classic “X” celebration after completing a 28 yard catch in the second quarter to pay tribute to the great outsider and teammate.

“We’re all very excited to be teammates with him,” Ingram said after the game. “He’s a great outsider and a good friend. We’re all sad about Friday’s tragedy, so we discussed this way to let him know that he’s still part of the team and we’re fighting together!”

Another runner, Alvin Camara, and his outsider, Michael Thomasda, made the same “X” move, including security guard Marcus Williams intercepting Andy Dalton, and many defensive players joined in to pay tribute to Dez. “Dez is here, he wants to play his part, do his job, be one of us,” Camara said. So we do these little things just to make him feel that we have not forgotten him. Injuries are unfortunate for anyone. You never want to see such a scene, especially a star player like him. He has no chance to do what he wants to do with us, but we will make him feel that we are all together and give him some love.”

The New Orleans Saints jerseys have been looking for a new outsider. Earlier last week, they signed former cowboy star Dez Bryant, but in his first training session on Friday, Dez accidentally sprained his ankle and was later diagnosed with a torn Achilles tendon, which meant an eight-month suspension of season reimbursement. wholesale nfl jerseys Now that Dez has been relegated to the reserve team, the long-awaited 2018 season is over before it begins, a doctor told ESPN that Dez’s Achilles tendon is “very difficult to recover”.

“Two days are not long, but he is worthy of respect.” Saint Coach Sean Payton said after the game: “When you see such injuries happen, you will be very sad, as before, they do it out of respect.” Michael Thomas supports the coach’s view: “Never laugh at others. When he walks into the dressing room, I see in his eyes the desire to play. When you have a player like this in the dressing room, you want to follow him. He sacrifices a lot for us.”

The reason why the Saints had so many chances to pay tribute to Dez was that the old and strong Drew Briss led the attack team to slash 51 points to wash the Tigers. He also made 25 passes and 22 passes, pushing 265 yards to win 3 touches, passing score 150.4 points, and he also completed a 1-yard dash. And it’s worth noting that Brice’s three passes arrived today, which made his career total number of passes reach 509, ahead of Tom Brady’s legendary quarterback Brett Favre, who ranked second in the NFL history of passes, and Peyton Manning, who ranked first, who maintained the League record of 539 passes.

The Saints swept away the fallen foliage 51-14, and the Tigers were in good condition. They won eight consecutive nike sports jerseys victories while firmly holding the League of Nations title. They scored 96 points in the last two rounds. Their strong offensive firepower is eager to devour everything. Next week they will be sitting at home against the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles.