Aunt’s big cousin, has been the eyes of parents that other people’s children.From small to large,Whose life is not he is the two ears do not hear the window thing, as one of the textbook, love learning, excellent results. The house has a whole wall, was used to carry his glorious history of learning.Every Chinese new year, big brother will be pulled out of the bears jerseys for toddlers parents elders, as a learning model, and verbal combat and profound education hard for our other younger generation.It can be said that all of our childhood shadow, a large part of the reasons are related to the big cousin.

This situation has continued until the big cousin graduated from high school.

The first year of college entrance examination, the days he coincides with the bears jerseys for toddlers heavy cold to play mad, just a stagger just across a line. This has put 985 as the basic starting point of the cousin, naturally can not accept, did not volunteer to fill it into the team to repeat.

That year, his weight from one hundred and ninety to one hundred and forty, all the people including bears jerseys for toddlers his own think not to say Tsinghua University, TOP10 at least did not have to run.

Can people get good luck, the results came out, but the weight from this line are a little worse.

The family elders are and comfort, but behind also secretly whisper, the child should test the ability not ah, still can not really read the book…… My aunt didn’t want him to suffer too much psychological pressure, did not want him to repeat.

I don’t know that big brother is to survive, he locked himself in the room all day, out of the bears jerseys for toddlers bears jerseys for toddlers parents made no repetition of the decision, let aunt they heaved a sigh of relief.

I asked him why he gave up, big brother said, there is no need to spend time and youth here, there is a chance behind.

In fact, I know that a large part of the reason is that he did not want to let their bears jerseys for toddlers parents worry.

After the summer vacation, my cousin is decidedly dragging the box to the Jishou University.

University period, although still can often hear his message of all kinds of scholarship, but the elders will no longer be his family as a child.

Big 4 that year to participate in the study section, he directed the goal of the top of the bears jerseys for toddlers professional school: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. The first year of defeat, but thanks to the outstanding achievement, after graduating from the bank offered an olive branch to him, aunt they are naturally very happy, but no matter how they persuade, always obedient big cousin, will be firmly rejected.

Later at home because of this thing, the greater the greater, many relatives have joined the camp to persuade, big brother simply a person carrying the box back to Jishou, rented a house next to the school, concentrate on one’s deceased father grind.

In November that year, I and my classmates went to the Phoenix travel, via Jishou, in a hot pot shop next to the station, the big brother served us. I asked him how he was, and he answered all the questions with a good one.

In fact, I know it is not good, it is clear that his eyes a little tired, but also lost bears jerseys for toddlers than before. Now looks like no one would have thought that he was a more than one hundred and ninety of the big fat.

On the way to the station transfer, I repeated he saw it about to speak, but saying nothing, finally, smiled and said you do not want to say why I prefer such a day, rather than listen to your aunt, choose to go to the bank?

I said gently, I just think that if you take part in the work, a few years of precipitation may bc lions vintage jerseys not be too bad.

He looked at me and said, “you’re right, it’s not going to be too bad.”. But I’m bears jerseys for toddlers right, because I want to be better.

I asked carefully, in case you do not have an examination of how to do?

He paused, said I know you all think I’m paranoid, but in fact, I did not, I just can’t afford to compromise and give up in my old age.

On the bus, I looked at his emaciated body in red and black jacket, take the road back to bears jerseys for toddlers the extremely lonely, finally a little ablation in the bustling crowd.

He may not have much love for the city, the dream has become the only reason to let him stay here. That moment, I suddenly feel a little touched and sad.

Fellow students said, in fact, your cousin did not deceive you, he is really very good, just as we travel, again tired also feel happy, we feel that in order to his faith, striving for fun.

Perhaps God joke with him on the addiction, big brother two times again this time postgraduate bears jerseys for toddlers defeat, parents and family elders have no words, but secretly as he had refused the bank’s decision and sigh.

Although he again chose to refuse to dispense, but did not say to hold on, but quietly in the Changsha to find a job, like, and ordinary workers wages three thousand, nine to five. The only difference is that in this city, which is known as the entertainment of the city, after work, he did not aspire to other people who are enthusiastic about the night life, but chose to shut up in the room to work their own dreams.

Luck came in the third section, he received the admission notice of the finance. I congratulate bears jerseys for toddlers him, I congratulate you on being a child of other people.

He smiled, said jokingly that face a mysterious, no way halfway.

Sure enough, after a few years he received a offer from the Stanford University.

In the family celebration, big brother wore oil back head, the kind of people who die in Western dress and leather shoes.