Read sophomore, I first time in the north, go to Zhengzhou to play.After a day of wandering in Zhengzhou,Why Az Cardinals Replica Jerseys my friend D proposed to climb Songshan.In the beginning I was rejected, the most of all the tourism project is not my favorite is climbing, because I am not a regular movement of the lord. But then I thought, to the border of Henan, if not to look at the Songshan Zhongyue thought, is proper in general, started to.D told me the next day, six points up, starting at seven is not yours.

I have some wonder, why so early. After all, from Songshan to Zhengzhou at the foot Az Cardinals Replica Jerseys of almost ninety km, take the bus, take the high-speed, in any case can be reached within two hours, there is no need to destroy the morning and the quilt lingering good time.

D sly smile, “who told you by bus in the past? I have borrowed a bike for you tomorrow, we both have some of my classmates ride past.”

I was dumbfounded, I still remember the past twenty years, I rode a bike for the longest, but is Az Cardinals Replica Jerseys also a ride from home to the county, in the first two days of more than and 10 km, riding an hour, so think, nearly ninety km away that not all day on the road.

I immediately said, I certainly can’t ride.

“We are not a game, do not need to ride very fast, a day’s time should be almost the same.”

“You give me two days time is useless, I will die in the road.”

“You have not tried, how do you know that you can not do? Well, don’t fight, if you die in the Az Cardinals Replica Jerseys road, I’ll take the body for you. See you at seven tomorrow, a group of friends are waiting for you.”

I swear it’s the longest bike ride I’ve ever had. Seven in the morning departure from Zhengzhou, during the period until the evening five point to the foot of Songshan, just when lunch, rest at the foot.

The approaching, I will be a bicycle parked in the golden sunset, facing the mountains, to tell the truth, I was not the conquest of the nearly ninety kilometers of glory, I just tired, very tired, but I was glad I didn’t go for two days, no death in on the road. I spent a day, to prove that he did not start to imagine so small, so not.

Now in retrospect, the theme is not tired of memory,Why Az Cardinals Replica Jerseys all the way through is. Most of the time our shuttle in suburban and rural areas, I think not everywhere Douling instead, Chang Po, is also relatively flat. We walked through the lush woods, across the water level not more than twenty cm of the stream, see the wanton blooming flowers in a village is not yours, not very beautiful, but clumps clusters do not have a taste. After a village, by two Chinese pastoral dogs chasing indelible pertinaciously is also a part of the memory.

Let me the most memorable is a long road (road will not say), for beautiful scenery, it is the road of coal Az Cardinals Replica Jerseys trucks too much, the car sped off, the oncoming is a “Black Mist”, zhetiangaide. You can see, we have a line of seven people riding out of the road, all of them are the appearance of adult pack adult.

Some things, not tried, we don’t give yourself without any cause or reason to draw a line to stop the content with staying where one is. Line or not, not in advance how we say absolutely, but when you step on the road of the two feet on the road, you can feel the experience from the.

One way is not necessarily beautiful scenery, may also have to build on the “coal” flying on the road, but Az Cardinals Replica Jerseys you are more experienced, an experience, whether it is good or bad scenery scenery, will you to avoid leaning to either side spectrum into the colorful life.

Not afraid of the road after, but due to hardships and dangers to reach its destination, but also not hard sails, fighting waves, early off the mast, as far as the distant shore, then still jietan shook his head.

Friend N is a figure more plump girls, often in the circle of friends made plans to complain that Az Cardinals Replica Jerseys they are too fat. Complain to complain, but not an action school, more than a year down, not seen her thin down, but the longer the more fat trend.

A buffet together with her, her appetite “heinous”.

I asked her, “you’re not going to lose weight?””

She shook her head and said, “tried, those weight loss methods are not reliable, it seems that my life is not thin down the life of the.”

“Do you really have to work hard to reduce the fat?”

She thought, let go of the chicken asked, “what is hard?”

Yes ah, what is the effort? I think it should be, knowing that there are numerous difficulties and Az Cardinals Replica Jerseys dangers ahead, you don’t look back at the front, even if the thorns will scratch your skin, miasma can erode your will, you will not immediately return, but step by step, climb climb to the end.

Obviously, N is still far from this realm.

Later, through her bestie know, she had tried to lose weight, but every time is tasted, just a Az Cardinals Replica Jerseys little tired, it dormant. If every day she took out 1/10 of the time to brush circle of friends trying to lose weight, I think, now N wouldn’t accept it.

I don’t want to say that you are sure to succeed as long as you work hard, people will also not all the story of your life. But the person’s potential is really beyond your imagination, if not to try, hard to force