Solitude is the necessary space for the growth of soul, when alone, we withdraw from the people and affairs, returned to their. At this time, we are all alone in the 49ers team jerseys face of ourselves and God, beginning with our own hearts and with the mysterious power of the universe.

Everything in the strict sense of the soul lives in solitude. Past and present, together with others and the classics, it is chat and discussion; only being immersed in the masters’ masterpiece from ancient to modern times, will have a real heart. Travel together with others, just travel; only you alone to face the team jerseys boundless hills and the sea, can really communicate with nature. People tend to regard communication as a kind of ability, but it is also a kind of ability, and in a sense, it is a kind of ability to be more important than communication. Conversely, not good at communication is a kind of regret, does not bear the loneliness is not a very serious defect.

From a psychological point of view, people need to be alone, in order to carry out the team jerseys internal integration. Integration, is to put the new experience in the internal memory of a proper position. Only through this process of integration, external impressions can be digested by self, self can become an independent and growing system. Therefore, there is no ability to be alone, the relationship between a person can really form a relatively self-contained inner world, and this will further affect his relationship with the outside world. For love alone with a person’s character is completely independent, love alone may also be a lively personality, love friends, no matter how he is willing to interact with others, he alone is always necessary in life. In his view, a lack of communication of life is certainly a kind of defect, a lack of solitude of life is simply a disaster.

No one can bear the absolute loneliness, but the one who can’t stand the loneliness is the empty soul of the soul. There are some people in the world who are afraid of being alone, and let them stay with them for a while, for they are a kind of torture. As long as they are free, they have to find a place to have fun. They have a very busy day on the surface, in fact, they are extremely empty inside. Everything they do is to try every means to avoid seeing themselves face to face. I can only have an explanation for this, that is, even they feel their own poor, and the lack of their own to stay together is not interesting, and then boring pastime is much more interesting than this. The result is that they become more and more poor, more and more without their own, forming a vicious circle.

For everyone, not tired of their own is a minimum requirement. A person who does not love himself, I am sure that he will not have much value for others, he can not have a high quality of social interaction. He ran to the other people there, for others is just a bother, a violation.

For a person, solitude and communication are required. However, in the next game being alone is more essential, because when you are alone, you are directly facing the whole world and the source of all things. On the contrary, when dealing with people, they are only part of the process of the face of the fragment. The crowd gathered, only trivial, there is no God and eternal like floating smoke and passing clouds. Talking to yourself is really a kind of ability, and it is a rare ability. There are many people, you do not let him say all duties, he did not know what to say. He only cares about the outside world, only to have the team jerseys language which is suitable for talking with others. Such people face their own course, have nothing to say. However, a person and they have nothing to say, it will be interesting to others to say what words? Even if he is talking about world affairs, you still feel is listening to the marketplace for inside information, can not find that everything is linked to the core, the light of all spirit.

It seems to be a very difficult thing to face yourself, so people tend to try to avoid it. There are two ways to avoid self, one is business, the team jerseys two is entertainment. We are engaged in all kinds of things in our careers and in our lives. Once we are free, we spend our time on chatting, entertainment, and other entertainment. For the literati, many times, reading and writing is just a pastime or a business, rather than to enjoy cockfights and dogracing generation, the distinction between the two, but the 49ers third jerseys essence is a self escape.

I am not in the nature of communication. In most cases, I do not think the other side is boring, that is, I am afraid of each other. But I do not want to put up with each other’s boring, but also do not want to make themselves look interesting, it is too tired. When I am alone, the most relaxing, because I do not feel boring, even boring, but also their own, do not involve other people, no need to feel uneasy. I like all the people around me, who don’t pay attention to me. Such a good night, quiet, lonely, energetic, no matter what to do, all feel pity, spoil the. I don’t do what, just sit in front of the lamp, smoking……