We seem to hear that.”Next door neighbor Wang family, in fact,Why is bc lions jerseys ebay his son also lacks skill, they are not a good time to catch up to buy a few suites, but now live moisture, collecting rent than others to work hard also earn more, they actually is a good time to catch up.””My college classmate, didn’t go to the class, study what the stock investment, he is catching up with that it’s always someone else the gold period of the stock market, the stock market to make money, even dish aunt is good.”Zhang aunt son is when read a general university, but they catch up with the tide of the Internet ah, who will go to the Alibaba at that time what ah, listen to the name of what is not good, he is caught, the Ma on his son moment of financial freedom. It was a good time to catch up.”

And often listen to our parents’ generation.

“We did not have the opportunity, where you have such a good condition, even the opportunity to take an examination of the University, those less than us, and later restored the college entrance examination, they really caught up with the good times.”

However, they have never been mentioned, their classmates, there have been efforts to bc lions jerseys ebay study, never give up, until the resumption of college entrance examination for the first year, it was successfully admitted to the university.

Why people in the time to buy a house, buy a house, when the stock market speculation bc lions jerseys ebay stocks, when the sea to Shenzhen, when the tide of the Internet to join the Alibaba, and now investors sometimes money is bc eagles football jerseys missing items, they just start a business?

In the outer ring has classic self bc lions jerseys ebay deprecating jokes. Many Chinese people, whether bc lions jerseys ebay it is a diplomat, or aided by construction workers, will be feeling, a person wandering outside, lonely and helpless, but to earn some money, enough housing prices rose!

As we ordinary people, or don’t want to rely on their own hands and hard-working people, always keep up a good time.

Recently in the United States, California is always the sun. Running in the bc lions jerseys ebay sea of Santiago free, one day suddenly seem to find the answer.

Santiago beach has a lot of surfing. Men and women, old and young are. When holding a surf board are particularly handsome.

Often can see the surfboard on the side of his face to the sea doing simple stretching, for the activities of the girl, suddenly rushed into the waves, standing waves, the waves of ups and downs.

Every time the higher waves engulfed by a second and can see her standing in the next wave.

In Brazil, there are many people who surf. But I always feel that the Brazil sea is too beautiful, although it is the Atlantic, and the Caribbean Sea. Blue and green sea, as dazzling as a gem, and then you look at its spray, but also appears to be gentle with nature. Surfing on the Brazil coastline, is bc lions jerseys ebay like performing art gymnastics, blue sky, blue sea, and surf the handsome guy, like a beautiful painting.

But the sea of Santiago, the Pacific is a deep blue light, big waves, not rough, but especially powerful. In the Santiago sea, you can feel the surfing is a kind of competitive sports. And artistic gymnastics is not the same, here, surfing is competitive sports.

Sports beauty is that it is an intense exercise, onlookers also can suddenly aroused adrenaline, let a person look to.

However, running at the beach, I think this is a flash of thought. Then one bc lions jerseys ebay after another so-called “reason” to beat.


You’re kidding. I can’t even swim.

But again I think those swimming buddies couldn’t go bc lions jerseys ebay surfing?

I asked them, they said, they dare not.

Can’t swim. I don’t have the basic skills necessary for the surfing.

All the advanced skills needed to surf. Can swim, only to ensure that you have the ability to do not bc lions jerseys ebay sink in the sea. You only have the basic skills, you are qualified to start learning the sport of surfing this need more skills.

Like many companies in the recruitment notice to write, you can speak fluent english. But not on bc lions jerseys ebay behalf of your fluent English will be able to do their job, and this is just a basic skills, once you do not have, then you can not even resume off.

And the little fellow who can swim, they say, because they dare not.

What do you mean?

Surfing is a risky sport, it requires a lot of basic skills and advanced skills, but also requires a lot of bc lions jerseys ebay courage. There is a risk of mean, you have good balance, there may be the smallest risk is swallowed, drink a few mouthfuls of water, but the sea is not a big swimming pool, surfing in the sea is the real thing, of course, you also have the risk of drowning.

In the face of risk, many times, we do not dare to step out of that step.