Mention of “a Wisdom is buffalo bills jerseys dream of Red Mansions fitzpatrick wrong”, said Wang Xifeng, on the one hand, people marveled at her incomparable family to her with all kinds of people skills, hand feeling in her. She is a typical example of “clever against being clever” in literary works.

Wang Xifeng’s verdict is this: “rack the brains too clever, send how life. His heart has been broken, after the death of emptiness. The rich are better, there will be a dead people scattered each pentium. In vain, meaning hanging half a heart, like a leisurely swing, the midnight dream. Hulala like building tilting, Huncancan like lamps will do. Ah! An earth. Sigh, the world is difficult to set.”

Wang Xifeng in the novel is a “heroine”, she tried various ways to use all sorts of trick to make can revive, or at least maintain your situation, but also save some furniture. However, her efforts, her “die”, but for a family man’s dissatisfaction, ultimately did not make Jia what ‘s the improvement, even after the death of her daughter lost. “Xifeng in machine Shilu change, go talk”, “nature and deep fine, was a man of less than one million.” “You have a less ten thousand blinds the son, and then to bet articulate ten will say men also said she!” From the “big sister joke when there are children to kill a decision, now working in the pavilion, the mansion, the jerseys online more experience experienced.” Barbara farmer bachelor, College of fine play abacus “,” people of the world to call you up “,” sweet jaws and bitter heart, play a double game.” “The top with a smile, the soles of the feet to obstruct.” “Ming is a basin of fire, the dark is a knife.” She’s all over. Familiar with the evaluation of Xifeng Xifeng these people all kinds of people, like to show a very clever person rack the brains. However, this is a very smart person, but was eventually to work the Regal isolationist, and nowhere in the end, it should be the “Cleverness may overreach itself.” the sentence? Xifeng more than the average person to experience the pain, and said she was called to curse, behind heart to brains, is die the desolation and loneliness of death will also make her have tasted the bitterness. It is not done to Li Wan with vigour and vitality, not only to clean, comfortable, good people, and middle-aged son achieve success and win recognition. Indeed, Wang Xifeng only know, I only know the back, get smart, not only know the kind others, not selfish, hidden in the secret. Even her husband also reprove her, betrayed her, she is really tired to live hard, and this is the root of all, her love Shuaxiao intelligent. The West there is a saying: the wisdom inside and outside the smart gel. The former is really clever, the latter is false clever. Mr Bacon believes that, regardless of whether the two countries really do, but these two situations are worth pondering. He pointed out: “the life of many people in vain had a smart appearance, but not the essence of wisdom of” little smart, big confused “. A look at this person to do a piece of rack the brains, it is a funny thing. For example, some people seem to be particularly good at security, but in fact only confidentiality reasons their goods are not in the shade on nabuchushou. This fake smart people to cheat with talent and fame, more than simply poor children managed to maintain a broad face. Where these people are exaggerated in any matter, can not be used. Because there’s no such thing as false intelligence.”

The reason is so simple, but very profound. One does not know the “torrents yongtui” who is a fool, a man will eventually rack the brains to his head. As the saying goes: “to lift a rock to hit his own feet” is just a clever portrayal of the clever mistake.

Therefore, whether it is to fight fate or destiny, to recognize the individual limitations of the premise of wit. It is wise to know what you can do for it, and to know it is not for it. Life repeats the so-called witty tragedy, is not it?

Full of bright, and love to show off, and finally become stubborn, barren hills of wild ghosts at the end of the Han Dynasty Yang Xiu, also highlight the typical Cleverness may overreach itself..

According to historical records, Yang Xiu is the Cao Cao library door pocket book. The life of single brows and eyes, white appearance Shenqing, learned to speak, intellectual. But he on it, actually underestimated people in the world.

Once, Cao Cao built a garden. Soon cheap football jerseys after the completion of the construction of the garden officials asked Cao Cao to inspect the inspection. After Cao Cao’s visit to the garden, is good or bad is held down without saying a word, just pick up the pen, in the garden gate was a “live”, and sped away. To see this, we are all at sea, puzzled, also how to guess the meaning of Cao Cao. Yang Xiu smiled and said: “the door in the Tim” live “word, is a ‘rich’ word, the prime minister is too wide a gate.” Officials see Yang Xiu sense, immediately rework reconstruction of the garden gate, renovation ready, and asks Cao Cao to watch. When Cao Cao saw the garden gate, he could not help but ask, “who knows what I mean?”” About Yang Xiu replied: “the registrar”. Cao Cao praised Yang Xiu on the surface of the smart, in fact, the heart has begun to taboo Yang xiu. Another time, Saibei brought a box of cake to honor Cao Cao, Cao Cao did not eat, only in the gift box write three words.