Buy a set of underwear online Women buy online NFL Jerseys China Telecom fraud cheated 260 thousand yuan in for 2 years, unexpectedly fell into the scam, two years cheated more than 26 yuan, while the swindler keeps saying, “really don’t cheat you.” February 13th, Xixiang County police cracked a large telecommunications fraud, involving 1 million 260 thousand yuan.

“In the beginning, they said that if members will join the company to refund, then to buy things to retreat, but never retreat.” Recently, Ms. Song said Xixiang County, she is such a step by step into the trap of a liar.
It turned out that in 2014, Ms. song in a website to buy a few sets of underwear, customer service told her that as long as they join the company members, she had to buy a few hundred dollars underwear manufacturers will be returned to her. However, when Ms. song joined the membership, she did not return money to buy underwear, at this time, customer service, as long as you continue to shop, before the money can be returned. In this way, for two consecutive years, she had to fight the other 260 thousand yuan. In the meantime, she also had doubts about this, but the other side has been said, I really did not lie to you.”

Until last December, aware of being cheated Ms. song to the Xixiang County Public Security wholesale nfl jerseys Bureau reported. After the police investigation found that Ms. song is a typical case of telecommunications fraud. Each other in the song to provide personal details, it gave her the design of a fraud trap.

Subsequently, the police task force to express a single information it has three times to Shandong, Heze, Beijing, Jiangxi and Shangrao to collect traces evidence of criminal suspects, finally through technical means, to identify the suspect hiding in Jiangxi County of Guangfeng Province, a village in the city rental.

13, the task force police with the local police in cooperation, in one fell swoop arrested the suspect Ke, cheap jerseys Liu couple. Based on the search of the suspect residence, police seized for telephone fraud mobile phone 6, notebook computer, PS machine, cash 2 yuan, 25 bank cards, card capital of more than 40 books; through the check, found 90 Kemou couple at least 1 million 260 thousand yuan fraud.

In the trial, two suspects song of fraud confessed to the crime, and confessed their implementation of telecommunications fraud in the country’s criminal facts. At present, the case is still digging.