Today to tell a story You are 2016 wholesale about self,cheap nfl jerseys a cheap grass many of these stories come in handy, a young reader told me her story. This is a girl after 80, call her little bud. Good reading, the results could have been admitted to Peking University, but Xiao Lei likes to sing, decided to take a second line normal music professional. The parents of the family feel small bud appearance conditions in general, since it is very difficult to walk the road to stardom, struggling to persuade, and even scold cry.

But small bud feel, as long as their own efforts, we must be able to use the voice to conquer those who value the appearance of people, break out of their own star road.

It is easy to develop into a typical inspirational story, enough to move thousands of boys and girls. But put it into reality, we can determine how much she is likely to succeed in the end – 1/100000 may be optimistic estimates.

Of course she didn’t succeed. In fact, she dropped out of junior school. The reason is simple, she can’t stand around there are so many beautiful girls of her appearance pointing. In the general population, although the jerseys supply nfl center small bud is not good-looking but not ugly, you can enter the future star circle, but has become a real heterogeneous.

Small bud do not want to do different, more can’t stand being laughed at, so decided to drop out. This time the family parents stood in opposition. They felt that since it took so much time and energy to go to college, be sure to read it anyway and get a diploma.

But small bud but ignore, she felt as long as their own efforts, college diploma is useless. So the school began to do persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, resident singer at the bar, but ugly and singing, several guests were booed after, she decided to give up singing, looking for work.

The family tried their best to support the relationship, and finally gave her to find a stable unit of work. Small bud went to the half a year, I feel very uncomfortable. Because everyone is the relationship between institutions, households, is on the flatter the boss.

While the cheap jerseys nfl online small bud is a very self, her life didn’t flatter anyone, she think that if a man to rely on flattery to survive, what does it mean?

Several times after a quarrel with your boss against Regina, he resigned, according to her words, as long as there is capacity, where can not eat. Home to this time, there is no way to take care of her, can only let little bud toss.

Small bud right in the talent market, the first to apply for foreign companies. Foreign companies can value the diploma and personal qualifications, such as she finished reading, working and not give up halfway, work experience, how to look on. After hitting the wall, a small bud had to reduce the requirement to apply for private enterprise management work.

The problem is that the management of all private enterprises, are promoted from within, small Lei such three products, actually came to do management when others boss, this is Arabian Nights.

Over and over after unsuccessful, Regina was realistic touch finally helpless, only to find the head broken and bleeding, a small private purchasing staff. Arguably, aware of their social status of the small bud, you should work hard, learn themselves, with a view to future development.

But the biggest problem has appeared, small Lei found purchasing managers have pocketed in business behavior. In fact, this family business, the purchasing manager is the boss relatives, so get some royalty and gray income, the boss also opened and closed.

Small Lei can not stand, specifically wrote a report to expose the matter. After purchasing manager know, but also not hard for her, just say, if you want to do, if she has a gray income. But even if not dry, do not need to sign for the small bud, just do not see, can keep her job.

At the staff meeting, Xiao Lei shook up the purchasing manager because she thought she was right.

The result? The purchasing manager was suspended for three months, and then reinstated, and Regina was the boss an excuse dismissed. In the family business, not killed from the brothers, and not slaves to the nfl jerseys Free Shipping thief ning.

So, touch the head broken and bleeding in reality, over thirty small bud, had his back home, start a neet. She didn’t want to go to work, even to be a real loser.

Chinese is good at overkill, in just a few decades, the nation from a serious lack of confidence, after 80 generations of self. The ancestors gave everything to the organization, and 80 after the start, but to themselves as the center of the world.

In fact, both are wrong.

This famous movie recently, called “Monga”. The film is good or bad without discussion, but inside, the gangster boss said a word: “which direction the wind blows, the grass will go in which direction. When I was young, I thought I was the wind. However, after being touched by the head to understand the blood flow, so that each of us is grass.”

This is it, the most powerful mob boss said. Also, this is the film director Niu Chengze’s voice.

If we go to see the world, will find that in fact, the higher the status of the people, eat more suffering, sharpened and successful man, is very humble, willing to listen to others, willing to change for others.

Because only experienced the suffering of the people to understand, in fact, we are a cheap grass, but in some areas of their own success.