In our family, all walks of life have. Politicians, business people, teachers, farmers,You can have a lot of enterprise staff. From the level of income, for now, is a Kids Bears Throwback Jerseys natural earn slightly more than the other people more. However, over the past few years have witnessed several brothers from working state, I really do not envy their income higher than me, because the intensity of their work, that kind of hectic, that kind of work pressure, I simply can not afford.

I remember once I xianlaiwushi, and my cousin made a statistics, statistics from a cousin to play every day how many phone calls, send the number of messages, we were surprised to find that, one month down, he every day to play nearly 100 phone calls to send nearly 50 messages every day. Light is the phone SMS costs a month are on 1000. Sometimes we Kids Bears Throwback Jerseys joked with him, saying that if the time in accordance with his call, and his family to call time is less than one percent of the customer’s phone time. Every time he helpless smile, then feel shy then a customer calls, a connection is a series of.

Many people may feel too incredible, there are so many phone calls a day to play, there are so many messages to be sent, but for him, this is the normal work. Sometimes, we are still eating, suddenly received a customer calls, where, need to go to the interview, then rice just eat half fangxiawankuai away. Sometimes, for a rare reunion festive holiday, all exhort the family to go home for dinner, the results came back halfway to the new phone, night temporary arrangements, and eventually just cooked food pass. At first I thought that his work efficiency Kids Bears Throwback Jerseys is not high so busy, the one day when I met him before the leadership, I found him that was pale into insignificance by comparison. The former leader cousin can be said to be a workaholic, less than a month to four or five days to stay at home. Today, fly to the region to understand the market, tomorrow to fly another area of the customer will be. Usually a little idle down a bit and began to open peer collaborative, everyday and extremely excited like.

Once, we went to Guilin to play, the leader asked us to have dinner, we looked at the authentic nike denver broncos jerseys table hungry meal had waited more than two hours did not see, finally he told us that a customer suddenly call delay. I asked him how he was always so busy, how to accompany his family, he joked: “there are women do not marry the sales Lang, you have Kids Bears Throwback Jerseys to remember the future.” And then looked at me from all need to run sales cousin, we invariably echo: “prelude to bachelor ah, you have to think clearly.” Many people will ask, such a busy work, the value of it? Each person’s weigh standard is different, no value is not worth. But I want to say, a month led us several years of wages, if easily, not a bit busy, tired, no pressure, I’m afraid that most is a lie.

I saw some micro business always said how to do publicity micro easily earn money, live a rich life, a person had to convince my agent her products, my work and investment entity industry was not worth a hair down. In her view, is to keep up with the trend of the micro business, are behind the times, she also said the micro business year earn hundreds of thousands of millions are particularly easy, not like me a month did not earn million dollars. But then I know a few friends to do micro business, they told me a lot of truth, I was surprised to find Kids Bears Throwback Jerseys that most of the micro business, is not to make money. There is a micro’s friend, thanks to lose everything, ask me to lend her some money, I asked her: “you said that as long as you do, will be able to build up the family fortunes?” She said: “I am hoping to get instant success, live a rich life.”

This friend’s experience can not help but let me feel, in fact, to make money really not so easy thing. The people I know, can earn a lot more than ordinary people, is to rely on ten years like a day out shopping, who did not like the ads that easy. Writer, ten years continuous to achieve financial freedom; entrepreneurial small meat, then do not know how long sleep basement, now only can sleep on the mattress; the successful transformation of the stay-at-home mom, just left the family when, once with the number of confused and helpless, in the end to Kids Bears Throwback Jerseyssuccessful counter attack. Among them, there is a common characteristic, that is to bear more pressure than ordinary people, busy sometimes regardless of day and night.

I have a direct done good friend, he worked in direct marketing products, four years after graduation to buy their own car house also became a director of the area, but if I tell you how tired he is together, you would have been horrified. He said he was able to have so much to him every day Everfount offline, increase revenue, since that is because he do direct selling products, for six or seven years, every morning at six o’clock to play one by one, greeting phone, but the attitude is a special kind of passion, regardless of wind and rain, never stopped. He said he went back to his hometown, every morning when he woke up so loudly that he believed in the power of the dream, and so on. His parents thought he was crazy. Because he said even to his parents, he did not say so much nice words, but also did not have such a passion.