If you have a glass You don’t have to limit of water in your hand, what are your possibilities bengals nike alternate jerseys going to do nextThis question, first seen from a book. I think it is very interesting, so I asked a lot of people, their answer is nothing more than: drink, pour, splash, and sprinkle the. So, suddenly thought of a friend’s story around him.

First met C, is online. When I was working as a teacher, want to exhaust to shoot a micro film, so I made a post on the Internet, said that if you want to make a movie, no matter whether you are professional, as long as you have a dream actor, I hope you can join my team.

C is a hotel of university students, the students there almost four years of University, are playing the game or he is the same, be sleepy straws, boring brush “, then thinking about where to go home after graduation to work in hotel.

C gave me a resume, and then soon, we sat together and chatted. At first he just wanted to play with the female one, but because he looks good, after several discussions, we firmly believe that he is a man. On the first day he joined our crew, he began to follow the crew who ran the play, a night to take two more, the cold wind howling, I and two with his camera, shoot bridge play, freeze succeeded in trembling. After entering the hotel, very fast, our hands have been unable to move. He lit a cigarette, light said a word: exercise.

I said, not right now. Not after you don’t go this way.

He said, really cool.

After half a year, we successfully opened second projects, second films. C from the star, a behind the scenes producer, he began planning and things: location, time, material distribution, occasionally, put forward some suggestions he also shot. Half a year later, we set up the Dragon shadow tribal studio, C became a partner, with a real movie about things.

Second years, C from the hotel school. That year, everyone in the discussion to which bengals limited jerseys hotel as a waiter, to which a small hotel as a manager, which country to go to apply for the same professional time, C decided to enter into the film circle, John Boehner, as a producer. Because four years ago, the university has a number of film foundation, so soon be recognized by the film industry.

After a long time, we work in a hotel, saw his friend, has become a manager. The manager saw him and shouted, isn’t it C? How to start a movie!

C smiled with the two, back on the road, he told me that he was not to practice the crew filming, perhaps also in the hotel. Really do not know where they are now.

I said, do the hotel is also very good ah.

He said, after all, I’m not too fond of ah.

There were a lot of college students asked me, I learn the law, can not be the host of the future, I learn aesthetics, the future can not be a historian; I learn electrical, and later can when the director. It seems completely unrelated, but my answer is yes, yes.

Because these three examples, respectively is Sa Beining, Yi Zhongtian and Gao Xiaosong.

We walked into the University, originally wanted to make our vision becomes more extensive, but unfortunately, when we were forced to or have to choose a professional moment, suddenly found that their vision becomes small. We do all things, are to serve the professional class; our future, we must be related to the professional; even when looking for a job, the first person to ask is what you are professional. However, who provides that a person’s University is assigned a professional must be the way to do their own future. Who provides that a person on the University, we must be engaged in related work.

No one.

Perhaps, you learn mechanical, but if you love English, why not in the University for four years jerseys china factory to learn English, participate in English activities, go to everyone to participate in the English game to prove their defeat, and then through these games, know some inside the circle of friends, so indifferent to cross.

Perhaps, you’re learning English, but you love the film, why not allow yourself to know more about some of the crew training, the circle of expert, or, while others are in play when preparing for a film study of College students.

I don’t have anything to do with English in my science and English. I was in the English speaking contest that year. When I beat them, they started asking, you are not English major, how to learn English so well.

I said, because I am willing to spend time. You study for five hours every day, I will learn eight hours; you back one hundred words every day, I back three hundred.

The road is their own, more and more wide, or, more and more narrow, is your own decision, and you have nothing to do.

That being the case, why should use the existing Wholesale jerseys authentic things, to limit their jerseys supply center own choice and the future of it.

Back to the beginning of the question, if you have a glass of water, then what are you going to do? The answer is very simple, you want to do what you want to do, and the water did not close. This cup of water, can be our work, our professional, is our school, in short, is what we have, but how many people are staring at this cup of water, and forget your true purpose in life.