We don’t need to think about You don’t know broncos how fast we can manning jerseys for sale how far go, if we know we’re working on it.Often someone asked me a question: Yu teacher, you had thought of the New Oriental can do so big? My answer is: if I had known that New Oriental will do this point today, it must have scared fainted. I used to do New Oriental just to survive. The first class of New Oriental has only a dozen students, how dare I imagine that one day it will become a year to train up to about one million students education group? Today, looking back, they have a feeling of surprise, a lot of things that they do not think it can become a reality.

People do things in two ways. The first is to know where to go, what is the ultimate goal of life. For example, some people, from a very young age, made up their minds to become a great musician, painter, scientist, or politician. The second person may not know what can be done in this life, the only firm belief is that they must go forward, the future must be better than today.

I belong to about second people. A rural children is difficult to imagine the ultimate ideal of nba jerseys for sale their own, can eat lucky. But as I grew older, I began to yearn for life beyond the land, dreaming of being able to walk into college like a city. So my first goal in life is to go to college and leave the country. The first year of college entrance examination, I immediately after second years of examination; college entrance examination for the past year, I failed to defeat the test for the past third years; the previous two years, even ordinary colleges and universities can not get into, but the accident was admitted to Peking University in. This is the first time in my life that I have experienced an unexpected surprise in my life, which is closely related to my continuous efforts.

With this attitude, I have been working hard today. After a severe pulmonary tuberculosis, I accidentally became an optimistic person, because I know that life is fragile, so cherish every ray of sunshine; in abroad often hopeless situation, I accidentally harvested the New Oriental School, have a career in the past; a lot of tests of life and death, I accidentally became the New Oriental New York listed company; after countless transformation and baptism, I accidentally put himself from a nerd jiaoshujiang into eight thousand management staff is not too bad business leaders. In the past, I did not expect authentic nfl jerseys to have no idea of what can be developed in the New Oriental in the end; today, I understand the possibility of life full of endless, as long as you work hard, there will be an unexpected surprise.

In fact, we do not need to consider how far this life can go, what we need to do is to walk like a camel in the desert, step by step to the hearts of the oasis forward. We don’t even have to think about how fast we can go, as long as we know we’re working on it.

And even though we’re still knocked down by our destiny, we believe we can make a difference.

Born in poor family living in the wrong? Born in a poor family, is it wrong? No people can choose their own background, if you can, I would like to in the British Royal family. But your superior background, or what you call a “life experience”, should not be a tool to hurt others, to “take negative energy”.

I particularly dislike the “truth” of “negative energy”, like a wicked man told the youth of the children, you go to the dream, bold chase your life! He or she hit the head broken and bleeding a sneer:jerseys from china “this world is so real, you break the pattern tucson!”

A group of people who have no dreams are awake and not allowed to sleep.

You do not eat grapes, what to tell others, grapes are sour? You have to bury their own dreams, what pull the dreams of others for her?

Before looking at the “The Classic of the Great Wilderness”, especially remember a story. Feather Meng, lived in the mountains near the plume of the Republic of China, they have a humanoid, but gave birth to a pair of very short wings, can fly, but not far away. They always stand on the side of the mountain, with wings fly away, then fly away, but always fall, always defeat again and again.

Now, I still like the story. If I were a plume of Mongolia, I try to use my short wings to fly away a little, then a little further, even if the fall body is blood, at least I experienced flight.