When you are reading,you have supply 2016 wholesale riding a bicycle to nfl jerseys the world envy school every day after school, waiting for the end to become the senior high school entrance examination of senior high school students, with the entrance end to become a college student, waiting for the end of the book section of a dragon finished, even if the goal is clear, in fact you have been very confused; when looking for a job, is full of blood, four resume no echo. Stayed home telephone interview and often very helpless,

you thought with a steady job and everything is good; there is a job to go to work every day in a crowded crowded subway crowd feel very lonely, all wearing the kind of people who die have smooth talking, but you still had the lost heart boy, do not know in the end why live busy and sad; finally has the courage to resign to travel around on the road, take a nice photo sharing funny stories, post inspired countless people, In fact, do you really feel free and happy, but it is another thing.

We often feel that we are living a life that is not ideal, so that there is always a jerseys supply nfl center lot of…… I can……”

If the end of the college entrance examination, I can live a carefree life, not in a pointless waste of youth textbooks; if the graduation book was finally finished, I have a diploma after it got out of the ivory tower and live a real life; if the interview passed, get this job, I can have a real the car got married, live a happy life Everything is going smoothly. small day; if the work is not so tired, I can develop their own hobbies, maybe life will not be so boring without meaning; if the travel can bring a different life, as long as the courage to take the first step, I can then write our own life as boundless as the sea and sky……

At the age of twenty, we are eager to embrace change, easy to be encouraged, more easily touched by the story of others, and strive to make efforts, but also trying to destroy the status quo, desperate to leave. So what? Still not living the life you want, looking for the next one”.

There is a point of view of psychology, that is, the innate emotional prediction is biased. “It’s hard to predict the intensity and duration of our emotions in the future,” he said. “People mistakenly predicted that they had a romantic relationship, a jerseys china nfl factory gift, an electoral victory, and a feeling of being misunderstood.” A Scotland poet wrote: “just perfect when there is a feeling that they feel it seems never to leave; when it left, they feel as if he had never come; when it returned, they felt as if it had never left.”

This feeling is: at the moment we have nothing, the ideal life is fleeting.

2, we in the end what kind of life?

I am twenty-three years old this year, after returning home, in foreign consulates to do media and event planning.

A man came to Guangzhou, to get up early, go to work very busy.

In particular, recently received a letter from the University of Indonesia friends, and finally became the last straw on the camel back, I completely overwhelmed. She Everything is going smoothly. work in Holland, Belgium and her boyfriend loving still, and we were crazy together Russian girl to get married.

“Hey, do you really want to live like this?” From scratch, even if I go home, I was floating around. Sometimes, there is no sense of security.

Take these words pour out, “Jia Qian, if you don’t know where to go, then, what about the people who wrote to you?” Asked a friend sharply.

3, do you dare to hesitate to do the things you want to do?

Jodi is a Spanish working in Guangzhou, thirty years old, the income Wholesale nfl jerseys authentic is not high, there is a Chinese girlfriend. He is always full of love and said to me, “do you like me ten years ago. In fact, now I still envy you.”

“What? Envious of what?” I’m about to jump up from the sofa, you envy a man who has nothing? You have a room, a car and a good job. I don’t even have home broadband, because do not know can stay in this city, and that “one year contract”, is a luxury for me. The house cup is a one-off, visiting IKEA only touch, even the clothes are not buy, only to pack up and move convenient.

Jodi opened the window of his apartment, the lights of the panoramic view of Guangzhou, the summer heat to hit, he smiled and said, “this is what the youth. Twenty of you, there are many ways to go. Oh…… By the way, didn’t you say you saw an American at the sofa party last week? He was more than and 30 years old, sold his company, took the money to travel around china.”

Sense of security, and age really relevant? If at the age of thirty, can do so without hesitation to do what you want, so now, I twenty years old, why should we care about this “illusion”?

Having said that, even if the courage, the goal? Ideal?

4, boil is everyone around the course.