Guide language: You should ask browns jerseys it came in 2011, is al can grow faster the new year, don’t fall, do not decadent, don’t be sad, we should be as brave men dare to face their own life, face their own problems, we want to grow every day, ask yourself 10 questions.

1, what do I have?

Usually we will be unhappy about what we do not have, but we can not see what we have, such as health, can listen, can see, can love and be loved, every day for us to enjoy food, etc.. As stated in that word of mouth the words: “lost the precious know.” Let us out of the sad, so you can see what we have inspirational songs.

2, why should I be proud?

Be proud of what you have achieved. Grades are big and small, and every success means a step forward. You can be proud of you just as a challenge to overcome, to help a stranger and was happy to help a friend smile, can also make a new friend or read a book and feel happy. Everything is worth your pride.

3, I should be grateful for what?

There are a lot of things to be thankful for each day, and there are also many who deserve our nike nba jerseys top quality thanks for what they have taught us in the invisible. Every day of life is a precious gift to us.

4, how can I be full of vitality? Classic sayings

Plan to do positive things every day to make yourself energetic. For example, you can call those who have long been appreciated, but you do not contact the person, to the work of the partners to say some words of encouragement, keep smiling, or set aside time to play with children, etc..

5, what problems can I solve today?

Try to solve the problems that you would like to stay until tomorrow, try to finish the work at the same time on the same day, have the courage to face the difficult problems, and look at them in a different way.

6, I can throw the burden of the past?

“The burden of the past” refers to those sad years of accumulated experience and grievances. What is the use of carrying these heavy burdens of life? I suggest that you make a summary of the past, to learn from the experience to save, and then forever to unload the burden. Kind lies

7, how do I look at the issue from another angle?

People to live cheap price for nba jerseys is the advice of others, but not their own. Most of the time, the fundamental problem is the way we look at things. A lot of people have experienced a matter of distress, and later feel ridiculous when. Grief and joy are only different angles of view.

8, how can I live today?

Do something different than usual. If we go out of the routine and learn to enjoy life, life is rich and colorful. We must dare to create and innovate.

9, today I want to hug who?

A hug is our spiritual food. A psychologist once said, to be healthy, every day to embrace at least 8 times. Physical contact is the most basic human needs, it can even help us develop the brain.

10, I now start action?

Do not think that these are “sounds good” advice, do not think that life is difficult to be like this. In fact, everyday life is not what you imagine. Life is to live flat and uninteresting or positive, top quality for cheap jerseys right, decided in his own hands. To live a happy life, what will you lose?

Bianhouyu: if you want out of the routine, relax the mood, with a positive attitude every day, it is necessary to ask the way to start a day, these problems will give us the strength and good mood.