On the third day of the Your anxiety doesn’t mean cruise, one you’re trying to bengals concept jerseys of the women said, “I didn’t sleep well last night. I was thinking about something…… Although know but always can’t help, It doesn’t help the situation., if some things are not good.”I said: “you know your anxiety on It doesn’t help the situation.?”

She nodded, but still frowning.

Next to a few people began to discuss how to relax, deep breathing, yoga and so on, that jerseys factory supply can relieve anxiety…… Therefore, we more or less have the experience of anxiety, or are anxious.

I have heard a lot of ways to ease the anxiety, the effect of how, because of the people.

What I want to say is, the most fundamental is, we should get rid of the misunderstanding of anxiety, let oneself from the bottom of jerseys different color my heart.

Anxiety, which is a kind of emotion, has been very common in us.

Then I contacted some of the young children, they told me the situation is similar, even from the University began in high school because many ideas, strong personality and anxiety, unable to resolve all tangled pain. Which of course is to write poetry that worry “means, but there are real factors, many people can not find the resolve method, may play will be with friends, or to talk about a love originally not how eager, hoping in this way to get rid of anxiety, but there are some results. Is not good.

Or is the wasted time, either for the love of the injury, so younger than me to ask similar questions, I usually say: find your hobbies, and then to do from the most basic, when you really begin to do something, you will not be anxious coerced.

The smallest thing, as long as the beginning, is progress; and only in the mind, it is only emotion.

The former can be an effort, the latter, but the anxiety.

I had a very anxious state of my own.

It was many years ago, when I work pressure, always feel a great responsibility, too many things need me to deal with, or say, I do not.

The beginning of the energetic, full of power, as if it can become a gyroscope, the rotation is no problem, no problem;

Gradually, the power is weakened, but the body and mind is very passive sustained tension, so although efficiency has begun to reduce, the state of the whole person is still keeping the “full load” of the standard;

Later, I think I just used to pretend to be anxious to try hard, to meet the heart of their own demanding – I must be jerseys Free Shipping the most perfect, I must do the best…… That is a very painful state.

You know the ability and their power has not reached 100 percent of the state, your brain in turn, stop 12345, regardless of whether the ability to keep all and, after much deliberation, the result?

The results are all painful.

At that time I was doing a weekly newspaper, every Thursday.

Originally, the day after the end of the day, we have one or two days of work is not too tight, at least on the weekend you can relax?

But I’m not in the state of anxiety.

I began to sign his name on the last page, the next topic will be very anxious: where? Can I find such a good interview? Does the interview object cooperate with me to make a good visit…… Come to a variety of problems, no peace.

You know It doesn’t help the situation. but you have to stop. Why?

Because you want to be on your own and the whole world show: I really very hard ah!

We have a lot of people, is the anxiety as the effort.

Think oneself more anxious, the more busy, is the more efforts, the more successful.

In fact, this is really different, less effective.

You look carefully, the people around us are always good at anxiety, or good at worry, but not really good at real earnest, and strive to do things.

Even the planning time of this matter, many people are not doing well, finally to cope with worry hasty rush on, it can be good to go?

A day ride, met an overseas background of white-collar workers, the same I chatted was once the four or five child still kept reading to learn Japanese women, he sincerely regrets the sentence: “in addition to other objective conditions, she should have a very important thing to do well – time planning.”

Have a good time planning, the use of good, we can do more, do a lot of things, it should not be underestimated.

We always look nasty, grab a seat on the train to eat, or continue to urge, no matter what their wish is the first one, someone said before is afraid of the poor, but have ample food and clothing for so many years has not changed, can only be said to be buried deep in the heart of anxiety, is always neglected.

We always pay attention to Chinese “laohuangniu spirit”, but you must have heard of “creaking”, when one is terribly fatigued or dispirited, overload, can do very little, more just in anxiety to pretend to it, and if the final result is not satisfactory that anxiety will be more heavy, it is a vicious spiral.

When you feel that something is out of your work, it means that you have a problem.