At the age of twenty, you said, “I have a dream. When I was Put on your Authentic Buffalo Bills Jerseys Sale thirty, I was going to open a bakery. The shop was selling cakes and made coffee for myself.”.” To this end, you have to read the baking can have a dream With a few lessons was a bit tired: “Oh, finally coming to the weekend, too tired, want to have a good rest, this time not to learn.”

But morale again declined three and up, slowly even don’t want to go: “bestie about shopping together, please leave now, we haven’t seen you”; “I still accompany her boyfriend at home,Put on your or he will have opinions”; “forty degrees outside, not want to go out”; “learn how to crack baking how much trouble ah, I still don’t take it seriously, just think of it as interest to play well.” You said a few years to open a studio, it bought a lot of professional camera photography, but not always. Well, how can I make progress? Books borrowed from the library has no time to see, drag to maturity, directly back wholly intact all kinds of photographic forums; several times because of the busy work no longer go; to buy the lens is also used to dust, take out the photos also said too heavy, too much trouble to change the lens for.

Now, finally arrived with his appointment, but you still had a nine to five not amazing work neither painful nor itching. Bakery photography room is still your dream, just don’t believe it can be achieved in your lifetime. Recently met a girl who is reading a third, twenty of her future planning is very clear, the goal is have a dream to have their own radio, to do a night with the voice of the night to accompany everyone. Her major is science and engineering, but want to rely on broadcasting for a living, which is difficult to know. At the beginning, she was doing some part-time work for film and television and the voice of the work of continuous training and correcting themselves, we heard a few minutes of audio, she did not know how many times in the back, took a number of time. After the popularity of the public, she often for some large recordings, slowly accumulated experience, but also bring a lot of fans.

In recent years, she at five every morning to get up on time, around the playground in a circle around, for a new phase of the program recording; dormitory at night after lights out, when the students were asleep, she was in front of the computer to see the Authentic Buffalo Bills Jerseys Sale script read his lines, prepare for the second Day holiday recording; others will go out to play and she wanted to do makeup clip. The radio make up, writing, recording, editing, release promotion, she is a person, all through the night is commonplace. Some people the impression of 90 is not too good, feel that they can’t eat bitter spoiled. But in fact, I come into contact with 90 really very hard, as long as their own thing, again tired again painstakingly also want to bite well done. Maybe you will say, young and good, energetic and can toss, compared with them, feel that they are more old. Actually, age is not the biggest difference between you and them. When you lose your dreams and your strength, you are really old.

Think of a previous human resources to do a friend, from small to have a dream large on the hand of a single clock. After two years, occasionally exposed to quilt this thing, then get out of hand. This is like a waste of time and money, just contact the first year, all her salary spent on learning. Materials and tools quilts are imported, expensive, daily certificate course fees to tens of thousands, her daily work, only to save up to the things she loves. After work I act as a go-between at home, on the table, cushion, cushion, quilt bag, knitted shirt, is her masterpiece.

Certificate to get, she quickly resigned, and another small partner opened the manual studio. I know her, the studio has just set up a year, there are ten less than a week of students to class, at night to sleep. Now five years later, her courses range from quilt extended to crocheting, embroidery, Zen around, please the teacher, micro-blog has attracted hundreds of thousands of fans, gains is very good. But she is more busy, but also with other city some patchwork studios, from time to time to teach. I asked her a few years to do so well, but what is the secret, she smiled and said no kids detroit lions jerseys, only sleepless and die hard support in the end. Venture initial, alone with a few large boxes of materials and works of exhibitors pull business, but also reluctant to take a taxi, only to take the bus. Often a week to run a few cities lectures, by the morning of the plane to take a late night flight to another city, only two or three hours of sleep at night.

A few hours on the weekend free, also cannot rest comfortably, or sit in the Authentic Buffalo Bills Jerseys Sale bench or refined, and other studios to confirm the week. Even if there is nothing to do, chasing the play also feel guilty, feel good fall. This abuse of the mood, I want to create a business people can understand. In fact, this is where to talk about the fall? Working day than the others hard, because many students weekend is more busy, stay in the studio for much longer than the time at home, going to sit down and eat meal a few times, even no time to fall in love. Probably because, still have a dream, just be so hard on yourself.

When you were twenty years old, have a dream, but because of their slack and give up; when you have a dream are thirty years old, see others in the struggle for the dream career, lived a hard life but full of youthful spirit, you can only envy and regret. Some people say, life is short,