This is the middle of the night, I was busy with a museum exhibition of things,Your dream is wholesale from the exhibition to the exhibition, time-consuming spirit was immeasurable, low-spirited. Across a lot of authentic kids steelers jerseys the hall is also a bright lights, the machine is still turning. “Not to go yet?” The chief ceramics teacher came running, leaning against the door and talking to me. “You’re not still pulling embryos?”

He turned back to the ceramic house, and made a cup of coffee for me, and said, “if you are tired, come and play with the mud.” This year he is 33 years old, although he is now the chief Potter Ceramic Museum, 3 years ago, he is a 30 year old all middle-aged men coming into the ranks of the grass root. 30 years ago he was doing architectural design, work hard and tired, the pressure is very large, a lock of a lock of hair off, like snow blowing hair, an old man has whitehead. At the age of 29, and he dated for five years. His girlfriend broke up, because he was busy no time to accompany her to have no money, can not see the future, and do not want to share the joys and sorrows, break up, and took all his savings.

And after his girlfriend, he was puzzled and confused about life, done in a complete mess, in the field of architectural design is the girlfriend of subsistence, lost, life and wealth, how will life failure, mess. Want to do other jobs, but do not know what to do. From the school, will not be too late, he was like a authentic kids steelers jerseys fly without head, rattling luanpeng, despair of life. He said that during that time, I asked myself, in addition to the nine to five, not every day to work overtime late into the night, getting too much, and there is no proficiency in a particular line, what can I do, how to expect to live a life, is my life like this?

In depression, he met his university teacher, opened a ceramic Museum, also just started. His teacher asked him to go to the pottery house to play with the mud. He sat in the front pull embryo machine, serious attention when kneaded, completely forget the passage of time, at that moment, he just want to hone the hands of the mud, they pinch will want wholesale to look into their own, in the process of rubbing mud, like heart and dialogue. The teacher said: “you come and I do ceramics.” He said: “I am 30 years old, this is Your dream a technology live, people begin to learn at the age of more than and 10, I am now to do this will not be too late?”

The teacher said: “as long as Your dream work hard from now on, the worst is but a. Believe in yourself and what you want to be, you should work hard for it.” He like playing chicken, touched by the teacher’s words. After the resignation, and the teacher to do ceramics. He said, the teacher is 50 years old, was willing to abandon the toss, professor at the University of fame and position, the nest in the Ceramic Museum pinch mud, he is not much better than me, just do ceramic craft and master, I was 30 years old, afraid of what? In the Ceramic Museum Day, he stayed to learn and practice round the clock embryo painting porcelain, life is very hard, because it is not an apprentice salary.

He couldn’t imagine how he had spent the three years. No friends, no date, no dinner, did not buy clothes, even rarely out of the ceramic museum. In day after day dry and hard to rub mud, to find the center of gravity of the process, carefully polished works, and to make every effort to. Although also tired, but that is authentic kids steelers jerseys only the body’s tired, the spirit is joyful. Exhausted body feels at ease, he is very enjoy this kind of focus and quiet. Make the day of ceramics, he has long forgotten the outside world. Tired, look at the book, kind of a few pots of flowers, this is his spare time for all the entertainment. He said that people alive, to do things like, it is not a white live. I can find what I want to do, I can do what I want to do, and I am happy. Can quietly do ceramics, very satisfied.

After three years of hard work, he made ceramics are sold out, there are many signing custom, from nothing to worry about food and clothing; from the apprentice to the chief Potter, along the way, stumbled, but achievement. This is far from enough, in this way making pottery, he’s still Your dream a novice he said, still continue to explore sophisticated technology. Never experienced confusion and frustration can get better, although there are still many life struggling, but I discovered that in fact struggling is the best gift. I think, this world will not have the wholesale same learning is called waste, only one thing called waste, is hesitant. When you decide to do, go for it, don’t hesitate, consider too much but accomplish nothing. Recent brush circle of friends of the most handsome and most of the old man Wang Deshun, as “like to strive for, old and still can live a wonderful” done the best proof.

He was twenty-four years old when the wholesale actor; forty-four years old began to learn English at the age of forty-nine; created other pantomime to Beijing became an old drift, no house no car, everything from the beginning; 50, I went to the gym, fitness at the age of fifty-seven, I started; once again on the stage, created the world’s only art it is called a living sculpture form, seventy years old, I started to practice; abdominal conscious; seventy-nine years old, I went on the T platform. He was eighty years old, and there was a dream, and he had a dream. We have many people are holding a bad card, want to play the situation; how many people early in life to surrender, completely recognize counsels, a corrupt day?