“Can be in the subway next to a small house, there is a good wife for me,Your insistence will bring there is a stable job, can afford to buy a skirt in the mall, you can open the Az Cardinals Jerseys For Sale for example stomach to eat hot pot.” This is the girl who lived 300 dollars a rental house six years ago, a dream. When I told her that this is not a dream, which is the mindance dream.Six years later, in Shanghai, as she would like to.

With Mei together watching the Huangpu River at night, Huangruogeshi feeling. The girl’s eyes, wearing a dress, faded when young, a more intellectual beauty. Chatted about her dream come true, look at her smile confidently, with a few years ago she didn’t know what the caramel Macdo, suddenly I pay homage to this girl, with her “tacky” dream full of awe.

A few years ago I went to Shanghai to practice, is a foreign-funded enterprises, in the Tongji University. During Az Cardinals Jerseys For Sale that period of time in the middle of the company and the Tongji University, is a ten minute walk away.

The rental house is originally Sanshiliangting apartment, is divided into a grid of Az Cardinals Jerseys Black unequal size, lived nearly ten single girls. Including me and sister. I spent half of the master bedroom separated, no windows in the door of Mei three or four square meters of storage room, and then put a bed only sideways over the place, the bed was filled with debris.

I was training, is at nine in the morning every day to the office, eat meals at noon, six work together with you to the company by the delicacy square forfeasting each other boast against each other, by the way of brainstorming. More than eight points to go back to the office to work overtime, leaving the office after twelve points in general.

At the beginning of the two week, I basically did not have the opportunity to live with a roommate said a few words. Once I go back to work more than eleven points, a little hungry to add their own meals, fruit when cut in the kitchen, Mei heard the kitchen movement came from room.

I said, I’m off work early today, and I have something to eat. I’m sorry to hear that you have a rest.

She was leaning against the door, almost twelve points back fairly early.

After greeting, the two of us stood in the kitchen, eating and talking.

She arrived in Shanghai, a Taobao owner. She spent all her savings and Your insistence will bring bought a computer to learn how to use the Internet. There is a two Az Cardinals Jerseys For Sale for example diamond Taobao shop, sell girls small jewelry. That’s her economic source. She asked me to take a leave of absence in the afternoon on Tuesday and Friday to attend the architectural history class at Az Cardinals Jerseys For Sale Tongji University and ask if I could take her with me. She didn’t go to the University’s classroom, just turned around on campus.

Her hometown in the southwest area, she said when I left home basic is escaped. She dropped out of junior high school. In the local tourist attractions to do three performances of tea. When she asked me if I could take her to a class with a request.

In her hometown, the girl will not go to school very early, early marriage. In her seventeen years old, the family is to make arrangements for her marriage. She wanted to see the outside world before marriage, so with all his savings, went to the provincial capital, sit on the train to Shanghai. She said she is not sure he can fall roots in Shanghai, but she wanted to try.

The second day, I went to attend the architectural history, took mei. At that time the sister is trembling, like ten year old little girl, pulling my clothes, look around.

Later, Mei often go to Tongji University lectures, go. When I came back to tell me the knowledge, also Az Cardinals Jerseys For Sale asked me a variety of issues, including graduate and master is not the same, and now the students are not all do not have textbooks, but also including IKEA, what is Macdo.

I like the girl, like her tough, with her, she is the one hundred thousand why.

She is eager to learn. She absorbs all aspects of nutrition like a sponge. The nest in a room to earn the money, buy the book, please help me out a long list of books. I get up early every morning to get up and eat, follow me to walk to the company, on the way to ask those unexpected problems.

She is optimistic and diligent. She knew she was Az Cardinals Jerseys For Sale reading less and saw her own gap. In the face of temporarily fall behind, she instead of complaining nonstop to catch up with chatter without stop. Seriously do Taobao to solve the problem of adequate food and clothing, seriously study and improve themselves.

She knows how to be grateful. Almost all she can do for me to be used as a “Tuition”, go before I have Az Cardinals Jerseys For Sale to ask me to eat, to express my gratitude, said the emotion.

She has a “tacky” dream. About the house and love, about stability, about skirt and hot pot.

I used to laugh at this dream is too vulgar. At that time twenty years old, I do not know how to live, do not understand the dream.

A real life, not poetic and distance, it is mixed with the poetic struggling struggling Az Cardinals Jerseys For Sale far away. I dream, not necessarily tall or art fan children, it is for a better life expectation, like people in the night looking at the stars as simple as flowers, life and growth in nature toward the sun.

Now, I have a deep respect for her and her dreams, I fear all people in vulnerable life is still strong for a dream. They are like the stars shining in the night sky, do not compromise, do not give up, even if life is not as good as poetry.

I said, Mei, you really terrible.