More than a Your serious pay choose month ago,best shipping jerseys a girlfriend of mine invited me to her mother’s home to eat litchi, because I want to go to Yunnan to play, refused her. Last Friday, she once again invited me to her house to eat longan. Unfortunately, I have an appointment in the body, but she refused again.

When chatting, I casually said, why don’t you pick the longan back to me to eat.

I didn’t really want to do that when I said it. But she really picked up the tree longan, second days back to Guangzhou with a big bag to me, but also personally sent to my home nearby.

I took her hands heavy cheap nfl jerseys wholesale at least a dozen pounds of longan, moved not know what to say.

Yesterday, plus classes back home, continue to strive to eat a few days or eat that big bag longan fight, I think of her again.

I said to myself, why she is so good to me, she can not do ah.

To think, I think I was in the most difficult time she gave her a little help; when I have all remarked on her marriage, bless her; I had someone questioned her, understand her……

These I to her sincerity, today became this big bag she personally picks longan to nfl jersey supply repay me. Although I never thought, did not ask for a return.

The other is about new jobs.

I went to work three days on the addition of a day of classes, after the completion of the second class ready to go home, accompany me to work overtime next door department supervisor said a word, I found that you are responsible for this person is very dedicated to work ah.

I was stunned for a moment, almost blurted out: I do not want to be a dedicated staff ah, that is to give me the task to have the quality to complete on time. The latter sentence I did not say exports. (but) I take this opportunity to look at my attitude and psychology of doing things, and find that I will consider several questions every time I accept the task. Can I finish it on time? Can I do it well? Will I not be good enough? Based on these concerns, I can only be more serious about those tasks.

I think this is probably a serious effort, so that the colleagues have a good impression on me, from the back of the conversation can also feel that he has taken me as a person rather than outsiders. God knows how strong my outsider feels these days, although they are all nice to me.

Walking alone on the way to the subway station, I recall these two days of overtime when things can not help but laugh at the jersey wholesale This result, to tell the truth, contrary to my expectations. Although these overtime are not overtime, but I also feel worth.

In fact, I do not want to say, this big effort will have a harvest, but from these two things, I found that as long as the efforts, it is always another way to nurture you. Although no money is dazzling, but if the tiny moved one collection, one day would become the treasure.