27Each year the Your suffering makes company will one or two interns, this bears webb jerseys amazing year the new intern is a quiet girl, we call her peas. Beijing intern wages are not high, especially in the winter and summer. Many students in order to give their future to find a job more than a bargaining chip, the general will actively looking for internships everywhere, even if the treatment is particularly harsh.

Intern oversupply, the natural price is low. The company is located in the core area of CBD in China World Trade Center, the daily consumption is also very high, a slightly decent lunch will have the cheapest 30 yuan, plus the cost of subway, one day down wages spent fast half.

The first time I saw the peas, most people feel the same as me, will not have any deep impression on her. She was twenty years old, not tall, looks not beautiful, wearing a pair of glasses, wore ordinary ponytail, wearing no fashion big t-shirt. She is such a girl walking in the streams of people busily coming and going in just a second, China World Trade Center, was wearing suits delicate makeup, senior white-collar workers have flooded Not the least trace was found.

It is also just in general, but the company is just Doug candidates for the Beijing media world’s top companies, the company all is in sharp tip, the elite of the elite, not only the appearance than a game of Kung Fu is more beautiful, all things to all men in this group of pure green fire. People, Doug no matter which side is not developed.

Write a few jerseys Free Shipping manuscripts, leading to some peas is not satisfied, he felt that the girl was not clever, writing at best can only be considered acceptable, from what he expected “color” still have a distance. Every time, the editors of seminars, talk ideas or ridicule when laughing, Doug is usually only in the side smiling, like an outsider.

The company’s new mobility is very large, one is because of work jerseys different color pressure, two is the leader in order to save costs, the general will follow the woman when the man, the man when the animal with the principle of. Peas go to work soon, the opposite of a young man to resign, the leadership of the original should be two of the completion of the work of the editor in her a person. Not only that, once there is a shortage of articles, but also often asked to write a few beans peas emergency.

Once, Doug feel the manuscript if pictures would be better, then apply to the leadership Wholesale jerseys authentic of professional photographers to buy related photos, price less than two hundred dollars, but the boss has his face: “this kind of thing to spend money? You can’t take a picture of yourself.” From then on, Doug and part-time as a journalist, writing after he took the camera to shoot footage, after their own editing, planning layout, with a meager wage, but bear several people work.

Doug diligence can almost be hard to describe, as long as give her something he will try your best to do it, they jerseys from china do not understand the bears united jerseys¬†weekend to go to the library to find information, during the day to do is stay up late and then dry, even the other editors are not willing to take live, have no complain. Friends can not help but ask her: “but it is an internship, why so seriously.” Peas just smiled: “I am a gift in general, learning things are slow, no more than others, but not more than the others.”

Although the work is very hard, but Doug bored. When family and friends advised her to change her job, she always smiled and said: “the time is not.” Conscientiously do a year, Doug also got a diploma. The leader offered to give her a raise, peas just smiled, and then handed over a letter of resignation.

Then go to the candidates, then unexpectedly smoothly, several candidates together on the computer to do the layout, Doug finished first, and it was simple and beautiful; to write a note, Doug written sharp and thorough, fair and reasonable, the interviewer looked at her eyes full of amazing Doug; even with a large stack of their daily shooting for news pictures photos, though this is not within the responsibility of editors of things, but she won high points in your interview. Finally, peas in the candidates stand out, the successful candidates, the salary is five times the salary of a year ago.

So, Doug in bear after a year, until finally the time, and had all the pressure and hard work, now all become nourish her energy, let her be sparkling in the dark after the life experience.

Similar to Doug’s story, staged every day, because there are always people willing to regardless of personal danger for their dreams. We always admire a lot of people suddenly get lucky, but they glow before silence, forbear and energetic, but few people pay attention to.

They are likely to have no outstanding talent, no strong background, no rich experience. For a long period of time, they even had to be ignored or even ignored because they are not good enough, but they all accept it without exception, and will be converted into power. Like peas, she looked at the work of others from the accumulation of strength, the rest of the rest of the time used to upgrade themselves, she always chasing the people in front, chasing after, they slowly beyond the crowd.