So many inspirational success two rich generation, you pretend to be blind to see, staring You’re just the one who’s wearing at her beautiful life so many rich men’s bc lions jerseys history sons obscenity, meaningful?There are many famous and wealthy uncle and the girl who work in the world, their life is like wearing robes like shining glare, let’s say the people around you.A few years ago, a woman said, not wealthy family, every day all over. Add up to about one hundred thousand, qindie to hundreds of thousands of money. When the woman got a raise of 2000 positive, happy with what seemed. I asked her: “I said the eldest daughter, 2000 dollars for the US? Your father gave you pocket money we have high salary!” Girl blinked Meng said: “elder sister, 2000 pieces of money that I earn by myself, with my dad I do not like it, this is my own.” Oh, good.

The surface to see my sister, in addition to the United States, the bc lions jerseys history other bc lions jerseys ebay seems to have nothing special is not the same, in any office, there are not many people can know the whole of her big. Don’t look at the little girl in his spare time in the sun every day life idle away in seeking pleasure, generous, but the work overtime overtime, the stay stay, not a bit vague. Of course, the work on the field nobody cares about your family is not rich, you can only receive the salary, to do this thing. A few years later, the little girl grew up Cengceng rub. A few days ago to meet her time, has become the company’s annual “NewStar”, this time she in addition to “beautiful” adjectives, but also more “capable” “. Colleagues mentioned she would always say: “XXX home so rich, but also so hard, gentlemen, this is to be the big winners in life. ”

You see, who said the family can not work hard ah? Is there anything bad in bc lions jerseys history the family’s money? The hang of life, stronger than rich men’s sons?

Some people jump out of the money, there are a lot of resources ah, do not need to work hard to get a lot of ah. The adult world in addition to the money, there is an achievement called “respect” and “play with you”, dumb money being despised is the most suck thing good? So many successful inspirational rich two generations you pretend to be blind to see, staring at a few Psycholagny rich men’s sons their own good life, meaningful?

Before I have a colleague sitting opposite, ten years older than me, working bc lions jerseys history every day to eat the same doping with excitement. You can’t ask her anything, or she can pull you up for two hours. You can’t get in. Big sister led her team around the campaign, working overtime can not be less, to win a lot of beautiful case. The key is that she is the most wealthy woman, ah, the home of nearly billion of assets, but also so desperately. Every time she like me if I have the nerve force, again with her: “you quit when you have broad Taihang ah, don’t we disturb the good?”

Once she was very serious and I said: “I think no matter who, at home, there is no bc lions jerseys history money, they have to work hard, the money more effort, because people with respect and recognition, is money can not buy. When I was pregnant and maternity leave, how long did I want to take off, why did my boss give me this privilege? Because I’m big enough for the company. When I was young just do creative, evening to draw a picture of a mouse’s beard, his work overtime to mice 500 times magnification, a hair root hair painting. No one asked me to work overtime, but when I was young, I felt I had to work overtime. Every day to their own overtime, hard-working and hard to get the respect of others. What is the use of light rich ah? Rich people have more to go.”

This is the most reliable I heard her say a few words, though she usually all right join me and bc lions jerseys history forced me not bother complaining, but it is just so inspirational and educational.

Now from the printer next to pick up a child’s resume, or in the group to share each other can recruit new resume, a handsome male beauty, the feeling can be a direct debut. The background is back from abroad, education background and practice experience make people jealous, so young, so beautiful, there is such a good background, but fortunately did not tell them one day, otherwise he could mix. When these children enter the workplace, as when we fought, in addition to more than our vision, broad mind Guangwai, never the slightest hypocritical, especially hard, people can not help but sigh, the future of the company is their ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!

These a few years work, contact some successful private CEO, some of them are successors of bc lions jerseys history their children. I almost didn’t see who was driving a car every day to rich men’s sons Biao Biao, but see is to be followed behind the industry, Torre ran two generations. Some children do not love half dry, to create their own business, Dad resigned from the company’s duty, make dad anxious to get angry and helpless, but the son wants to own family happy, than his own money. In my eyes they low-key introverted, excellent academic background, no thing force, not hypocritical, always thinking about how to make yourself more excellent, hard-working can let dad happy with yourself. Said it was also very hard to force it.

Look at the wealth rich men’s sons story, overbearing President marysue inside, dreaming bc lions jerseys history that if you live in that world this is good. Wake up, wake up,